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Crow’s feet, fine lines, slightly sagging jowls… It is not a pretty sight at all when we look at ourselves in the mirror first thing during the morning. But the inevitable fact is, your skin starts aging into your mid-20s. And when they say stress does our lives no good, they have obviously missed the point. With your skin, there is always something to worry about. Apparently.

And so come the painstaking lengths we take behind-the-scenes in order to give our complexions the desperate fixes. But why should there be chunks of costly cosmetics inside your closet that offer nothing more than a temporary solution to your skin’s problems? Why should skin aging deprive us of that radiant glow that should, originally, be a natural endowment? And most important of all, why should you look good only with makeup on?

These are exactly what passionately drives us to make OMONO – the anti-aging skin care routine your skin truly deserves.

Formulated and made by leading Japanese scientists and some of the world’s most prestigious beauty researchers, OMONO is on an exclusive mission to take over the beauty world by storm. A revolutionary product that boasts completely proven results, OMONO will give your skin its youthful glow back, while eliminating the fine lines and spots that are a fact of life for everyone as we reach our mid-20s. All with one powdered drink a day.

OMONO comprises a very unique blend of the most advanced and strictly-selected nutrients. Our revolutionary formula powerfully targets all facets of your complexion, leaving nothing untouched in the process. Adding dazzle and shine to your skin, we in turn offer one of the most complete and sensational skin care and anti-aging experience. And that is why one drink a day is all that you will ever need to return to a younger, brighter, and much more radiant version of yourself.

At OMONO, we want you to marvel at the results every single time you look in the mirror, or when you feel the depth of your skin. That is why we always offer full refunds to any of our customers within 60 days in the rare instance where they are not completely satisfied with their results – no questions asked. And you should be able to guess the number of times we have had to do so.

We are extremely excited about offering the best possible skin care routine that enjoys all-round results with just one single formula. And that is to protect, renew, nourish and hydrate every single part of your skin from its very core. OMONO hence preserves your natural beauty and youth with spectacular lasting power. Our product is trusted by thousands of skin fanatics and regularly featured on world-famous magazines and news media. It is no wonder that we have been deemed “an elixir of eternal youth” by Glamour Magazine, and “all your creams and serums blended into one”, amongst many others.

OMONO has been developed and formulated by our world-class laboratories after more than two decades of extensive scientific research, combined with ongoing clinical studies on the structure of our skin and what keeps it genuinely youthful. The result is a scientifically-proven and result-driven formulation that is powerfully natural, yet trusted for its complete and systematic regeneration of the overall complexion. We know what your skin needs, and what it desperately lacks. 

We are firmly rooted in the scientific approach that ‘you are what you consume’. It is therefore our most fundamental belief that most, if not all, of the nutrients that we lose can be refilled and replenished by consuming the right natural essentials, exclusively combined within our formulation. We believe OMONO will keep your skin in its most pristine condition where aging is no longer an insurmountable concern.

Imagine being able to add OMONO to your everyday routine – and instantly replace all those half-empty moisturizer vials and cream bottles cluttering up your bathroom closet. OMONO is the true secret to eternal youth and a decluttered life, where you are looking as good as you feel. After all, beauty is also skin-deep.

And yours begin with an everyday sip.