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We are driven by a strong passion towards the concept of beauty – the Japanese way.

OMONO was developed by leading experts in Japan after more than two decades of extensive research, combined with authoritative studies on the structure of the skin and what it takes to help maintain its youthful glow. The result is an innovative, yet powerful product trusted for its systematic improvement of the overall complexion.

We are a new approach towards skincare that takes your skinโ€™s diverse nutritious needs to heart, hence our product is firmly rooted in the belief that โ€œyou are what you eat.โ€ We believe consuming a specific mix of ingredients that have each been shown to benefit the complexion, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a positive mind, will allow your skin to age gracefully while looking its best.

OMONO is manufactured in a pharmaceutical-graded facility in Japan in strict accordance with the latest industrial standards, which govern areas ranging from our composition, ingredient gradings, to final product quality. They include the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Our product does not contain any preservatives, chemicals, genetically-modified organisms, added sugar, or anything artificial such as colourings, flavours or sweeteners.

OMONO was first introduced in 2016 and has since been loved by over 30,000 customers around the world. We are regularly featured on major publications such as Glamour Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Vanity Fair, and The International Business Times, among many others. We like to think that we are continuing to change routines, while instilling a healthy outlook towards beauty as we venture forward.

OMONO – your skincare made easy in 1 drink!


Our Story