Each box contains 30 ready-to-open sachets. Just open and mix into any of your drinks! ($74.99 USD)

Beauty is not a miracle for us, and we would never let time dull your shine. OMONO is a scientifically-proven and result-driven skin-renewing, radiance and youth-enhancing powder drink from Japan that nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates, and renews every inch of the skin from deep inside the core through a revolutionary all-round approach. OMONO's advanced formula unveils genuine beauty that speaks for itself and delivers results with staying power that none dare resist.

Each box of OMONO contains 30 ready-to-open sachets (i.e. 30-Day Programme), with each sachet containing 7g of our unique powder supplement. To create a skincare miracle, simply open and mix our supplement into your favourite drink - once everyday, anytime, and begin the journey to a much more radiant and youthful you from the core.

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